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Installation of Water Pump
"Water is the principal element of life" - Theodor Schwenk

Glenngorey Pumps has over 40 years experience in the Water Pump industry. We have been agents for Lowara Pumps for more than 30 of those years which make us the leader in this industry. Our vast knowledge and understanding of domestic, agricultural and industrial applications is exceptional.

Lowara Water Pumps

Lowara is a leader in the European residential and commercial pump market. It is part of ITT Industries, the world's largest producer of pumps and complementary products for water and industrial fluid applications.

LOWARA Water Pumps

Lowara pumps are made in fabricated stainless steel, which keeps the water free of contamination. The laser welding technology creates pumps that are resistant to aggressive chemicals and guarantees that the production process respects the natural environment. Advanced pump control and regulation systems ensure the safe, reliable and economic use of water.


Do you have problems at certain times with low pressure, flucating pressure or does your pressure drop at peak demand? If so call us today to discuss our many options such as our GGP Intank range of pressure boosting systems.